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Looty Clicker Alpha 1.1.2 / 1.1.3

Changelog Alpha 1.1.2/1.1.3:

As 1.1.3 followed shortly after the 1.1.2 release, we decided to move these two changelogs together.


  • Completely new Combat-Exit Screen which shows you everything you got out of combat.
  • Total Item / Crate Count is now shown in Inventory

Fixes / Adjustments:

  • Removed Play Games Services due to a crucial bug.
  • Earned Money and XP will not be kept when you die in combat!
  • If you flee from combat you will now only keep about a half of your loot.
  • Fixed Coinflip-Images.
  • Rebalanced Money & Crate-Drops from enemies.
  • Some stuff to make us playtesting easier 😉

Looty Clicker: Alpha 1.1.0

Changelog Alpha 1.1.0:


  • Integrated Play Games (more Google-Features will follow soon!)
  • You can see your currently equipped Item in Combat.
  • Casino! You can now play Minesweeper and Coinflip and try to get rich! You can deposit Items to get Casino-Coins(CC) and use them to multiply your CC-Balance. Withdrawing CC back to Items will follow soon!
  • Added 20 new Items.
  • Added Worn and Damaged Version of Legendary Items.
  • Little Display in the bottom left-hand corner. (Money, Player-Name and XP).
  • Added toggleable Combat-Confirmation, so you do not enter Combat accidently.
  • Added Changelog on Startup.

Fixes / Adjustments:

  • More Layout/Design adjustments.
  • Rebalanced & Reworked Items, Crates and Upgrades.
  • Fixed Color of “Open Crate”-Button when Key is available.
  • “Selling Confirmation”-Setting will now save upon quit.
  • New Save-System! It is now Version-Compatible and better than before! It will save all your progress in every following update. (Except we want a wipe.)
  • Fixed some round errors on money-values.
  • Fixed Leave/Stay not reverting after entering combat again.
  • Improved Language-System. (Still WIP and not finished!)

Looty Clicker: Alpha 1.0.1

Changelog Alpha 1.0.1:


  • Added “Equipped” Label in Inventory.
  • Added Wooden Bow Image.
  • Crate-Drops! You now get Crate-Drops from enemies, but remember you need to get out alive to collect them!


  • Fixed Text of some Upgrades.
  • Fixed Formatting-Error on Total Earned Money.
  • Fixed Statistics-Colors to match other Rarity-Colors.
  • Updated all Item-Type-Names.
  • Adjusted some Layouts to scale better on different Resolutions.
  • Added some “Coming Soon” Placeholder to show unavailable tabs on the sidebar.
  • Adjusted Upgrade-Values to be correct again.