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Upcoming Patch 1.2.0, future Plans & personal difficulties! | DEV-BLOG #2

Back in business and ready to gather more loot! I am back with another awesome Dev-Blog. This time I wanna talk about the upcoming patch 1.2.0 and the future plans of Looty Clicker, our other projects and our upcoming company “Realitykiller-Entertainment”. There is a reason why we did not post anything on social media nor our website. And I want to explain you why.

So to start off: Sorry for being so quite in the last months. We have taken a break to focus on some of these “Real-Life”-problems that humans can face sometimes. We started this project as a team of friends, none of us had experience with Game-Development and we knew that we would face some hard challenges. These challenges have come and required a lot of sacrifice from us, not everybody could offer. But the rest of us, especially me, is back with new power, ready to deliver new updates for Looty-Clicker. I will promise you that I will finish this project, even if I need to face all challenges alone. So let’s begin with our first “real” topic: Patch 1.2.0:

Some of you way wonder: Why do you talk so much about the patches when the game is still in private testing and not much people have access to it? Well, that is a good question, but the answer is simpler: I want to show what progress we make, how we work and who we are. I hope to improve how you look at our upcoming company and our products.

Patch 1.2.0: Collection-Brawl

The upcoming patch 1.2.0 introduces a new era to Looty Clicker. You are now able to try to complete all item-collections we currently have. Not every item is in a collection but the most are. At the moment we are not sure if we want to add rewards for completing collections or even show which items are in the collection, but you will for sure get an achievement for that (obviously not now, as achievements are not done yet). It is likely that we will show some “?????” for every missing item. If you got an item of the collection for the first time, it will be shown in the collection interface. You can now sell it again but your progress will stay. We also may change that in the future, as this game is in Early Alpha Stage. With collections there are also new Items. We have added a lot of new stuff that will fill your inventory and be used for the upcoming crafting system. That means Mob-drops, Materials, Quest-Items and other things.

But this is not everything new for this patch: We made great progress on completing our basic mechanics as the language-system was reworked to improve many aspects, one of them being able to change the language without a game restart.

And now, listen! We finally added a popup for the item you got when you opened a crate. I know it is long overdue, but we had our focus on the basic mechanics of Looty Clicker. (By the way, it even got randomizer for the text on the green button *lol*)

We have also improved all upgrades with some balancing changes and new things to unlock. You are now able to buy upgrades which just give you some rewards, some may give you an item of a specific collection.

But that’s not all: We still have a little gift for you: Promo-Codes. Yep. That’s right! You can now redeem promo-codes at the settings-tab to get some special rewards. By the way, do you already have access to the Alpha? If not, register here for access 🙂

The future of Realitykiller-Entertainment

With our development continuing, we also need to think about our future. First off, I want to assure you that Looty Clicker will be Free to Play and stay free forever. However, we have planned to introduce Story-DLC’s, for those who want to know more about the story of Artecia. We will soon add Ad’s (What a word-game) to the game to pay our bills we made to bring this game to life.

So what are your plans after you released Looty Clicker?

The first important thing: Yes, we will continue to develop updates and new stuff for Looty Clicker as long as possible. We already have a big roadmap with stuff for years after the release. Unfortunately, I can’t show it to you as it would destroy the surprise at all.

But will you just develop Looty Clicker for the rest of your life?

Of course not. I think that should be obvious. If we take it to the detail, we also developed another game before Looty Clicker, it is named “Tac Toe”, a little made-in-school project from me, but that is another story I will tell you sometime. But of course we have plans for many other projects we will may develop sometime, but it is still a long way to go until we reach the point of being able to realise all of our plans. I hope you stay tuned, we will keep you updated 🙂

So in the end, I hope you realise that the reason why I tell you all this information is that we want to be as transparent as possible. We really want to stay close to our future community and listen to your feedback. Feel free to contact us on social media or message me, Sonic1305, privately on Twitter or Discord.

Looty Clicker Alpha 1.1.2 / 1.1.3

Changelog Alpha 1.1.2/1.1.3:

As 1.1.3 followed shortly after the 1.1.2 release, we decided to move these two changelogs together.


  • Completely new Combat-Exit Screen which shows you everything you got out of combat.
  • Total Item / Crate Count is now shown in Inventory

Fixes / Adjustments:

  • Removed Play Games Services due to a crucial bug.
  • Earned Money and XP will not be kept when you die in combat!
  • If you flee from combat you will now only keep about a half of your loot.
  • Fixed Coinflip-Images.
  • Rebalanced Money & Crate-Drops from enemies.
  • Some stuff to make us playtesting easier 😉

Looty Clicker: Alpha 1.1.0

Changelog Alpha 1.1.0:


  • Integrated Play Games (more Google-Features will follow soon!)
  • You can see your currently equipped Item in Combat.
  • Casino! You can now play Minesweeper and Coinflip and try to get rich! You can deposit Items to get Casino-Coins(CC) and use them to multiply your CC-Balance. Withdrawing CC back to Items will follow soon!
  • Added 20 new Items.
  • Added Worn and Damaged Version of Legendary Items.
  • Little Display in the bottom left-hand corner. (Money, Player-Name and XP).
  • Added toggleable Combat-Confirmation, so you do not enter Combat accidently.
  • Added Changelog on Startup.

Fixes / Adjustments:

  • More Layout/Design adjustments.
  • Rebalanced & Reworked Items, Crates and Upgrades.
  • Fixed Color of “Open Crate”-Button when Key is available.
  • “Selling Confirmation”-Setting will now save upon quit.
  • New Save-System! It is now Version-Compatible and better than before! It will save all your progress in every following update. (Except we want a wipe.)
  • Fixed some round errors on money-values.
  • Fixed Leave/Stay not reverting after entering combat again.
  • Improved Language-System. (Still WIP and not finished!)

Upcoming Patch 1.1.0, New Save-System & more! | Dev-Blog #1

Hello you loot-hungry people and welcome to the first little Development-Blog of our upcoming company.  Today I wanna talk about the upcoming patch Alpha 1.1.0 and special features that come with it like the new Saving-System.

Alpha 1.1.0 & Casino

With Version 1.1.0 we want to enter a new era of Looty Clicker.  With the Introduction of the Casino-System, we offer you a new, funny feature: Gambling. With this version, we will deliver you 2 Casino-Games, Coinflip and Minesweeper. You can now deposit Items from you Inventory and turn them into Casino Coins. These Casino Coins (or CC) can you use to bet a custom amount in the new Casino-Games. Try your best to become rich and famous, but if your luck-level is low today, you should maybe stop gambling all your items away, Whatever, more important than these new games (or “at least more important for us”) is the new Save-System.

The new Save-System

We did it. Finally you are able to keep all your beloved loot and money forever. Okay, we both know that this is not true but at least you are able to keep your stuff until we manually wipe your data.  To be honest, the resolution of this “problem” was easier than we thought, but we can finally spend our time on other things for Looty Clicker.

New Layout & New Upgrades

Yeah, again some Layout and Design Adjustments.  We updated almost every button with a new sprite to look even more awesome. As we are already talking about adjustments, we are curently reworking all Upgrades.  New, gorgeous names and descriptions will give you that extra RPG-Feeling. More coming soon! 🙂

Mehr Sprachen!

Problems reading that title? Maybe our new work-in-progress localization-system already translated that word. We are still working on that system to give you the ability to change the language by yourself, but at the moment you will maybe see some words in your devices’ language. By the way, the title meant “New Languages”.

Other Things

Last but not least, we did many other improvements, adjustments and bug-fixes. Maybe you noticed the completely reworked values of all items, the little money-display in the bottem left-hand corner or your currently equipped weapon in the combat system. We are always working to improve every aspect of the game, so feel free to suggest your ideas or wished at our still new Forum.

Thank you all for reading this text and I hope you stay tuned for upcoming posts!

Until next time,

~Tony Ungrade | CEO

Official Forum – Next Looty Clicker Update

Hello again people out there!

As we have big dreams and plans to come true in the next years, we decided to already open an official Forum for anybody who wants to share his word.

We are also working on one of the most important updates for Looty Clicker. The Update features a Version-Compatible Save-System, the new Casino and some other little, important improvements. Stay tuned!

Feel free to join us there and see you soon in the next post!


Looty Clicker: Alpha 1.0.1

Changelog Alpha 1.0.1:


  • Added “Equipped” Label in Inventory.
  • Added Wooden Bow Image.
  • Crate-Drops! You now get Crate-Drops from enemies, but remember you need to get out alive to collect them!


  • Fixed Text of some Upgrades.
  • Fixed Formatting-Error on Total Earned Money.
  • Fixed Statistics-Colors to match other Rarity-Colors.
  • Updated all Item-Type-Names.
  • Adjusted some Layouts to scale better on different Resolutions.
  • Added some “Coming Soon” Placeholder to show unavailable tabs on the sidebar.
  • Adjusted Upgrade-Values to be correct again.